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Twilight Zone San Francisco: "Why Is Everybody Here?"

Favourited on Friday, September 23, 2011 at 08:38.

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From our live show "Killing My Lobster Conquers the Galaxy" playing now until October 9th at the TJT in San Francisco. Go to for tickets! Jason just wanted to enjoy a day off of work free from lines and crowds. Unfortunately, he lives in San Francisco. Produced by Damon Brennen Directed by Damon Brennen and Chris Parisi Shot by Chris Parisi and Jeremy Veverka Edited by Jeremy Veverka Featuring: Danny Webber, Millie DeBenedet, Stephen Kalmakis, Ken Grobe, Allison Page, Hafsa Malik, Brian Allen, Miriam Wild-Smith, Andy Sciamanna, Paco Romane and Wylie Herman. Subscribe to our channel. It's the right thing to do...