Sorting my socks by colour

Saturday 17 August, 2019 at 10.38am

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  • Saturday is laundry day for me. And so while all of my socks are clean I’m sorting them into pairs by colour.

    This could take a while.

    This is “blues” organised from most fun (left) to least fun (right). That’s not a gap on the end, just socks that match the duvet cover.

    Reds and maroons, still most fun to least fun

    Oranges (are not the only socks)




    And yellows.

    These are all the result of buying solid colour multipacks from @marksandspencer over many years.

    Now, what can we tell from this set of photos? Other than that I have too many socks of course. (Not kidding, part of this exercise was to put half of each colour into storage.)

    Well, we can tell that M&S don’t recycle colours even when producing a new set … EXCEPT for yellow. I have three different sets that are basically the same colour but have different detailing at the elastic.

    And we can tell that blue and red get overproduced compared to other colours.

    I seriously need to find someone into blue socks, that wears 9–12 size socks so we can go halves on packs. They can have all the blue (my least favourite colour of sock after black).

    Seriously, look at this… — two blues (three if the purple is actually more blue than it looks).

    Or this… which is even worse and I really only want one of the seven.

    What I’m basically saying is I want someone to sell solid colours of socks by the pair not in multipacks where I am subsidising Big Blue Sock.

    Like @UNIQLO_UK but, you know, with actually interesting colours.