A new start

Tuesday 02 June, 2020 at 3.37pm

Originally posted to Twitter

I’ve spent the past seven months sat around at home. Yes, I’ve been socially distancing since before C19. To start with, I was just angry (redundancy) and watching TV.

Then Christmas happened and I started to feel better. Spent some weeks doing small DIY things, tidying stuff long untidy. My Lego collection for example, is now in crates not just floating around in original boxes and plastic bags.

Then I spent a while disenchanted with the world as I didn’t get a new job, my wife was panicking about having to go out in public with a novel virus stalking the land.

Then we she got to work from home. Three weeks later the government told everyone to do that if they could.

Since then I’ve been vacillating between motivated to do stuff around the house (taking care of the wife, and by proxy exercising a measure of control over the only part of all of this I can pretend to control).

Anyway, I have no idea why or what changed in my head but about three weeks I started coding again.

Started with modifications to little scripts I use (eg for managing music and TV/Movies rips). Then I wrote some django again, a small project for exploring my Monzo history.

And over the weekend until now I’ve been working on a script to turn an Instagram backup to the format needed by my flourish static site publisher.

All of which is a really long winded way of saying hey lookit this I brought my website back from the dead.

Still very rough around the edges. All the previous content is currently missing (but not lost). But it fixes one of my bugbears that old Instagram content basically disappears. I kept a text file of old URLs to refer to. Now I can just click around a website. Amaze.

I’ve written a bare minimum of CSS. Performed no browser testing. Not even looked at it on my phone. Haven’t checked if all the links work. Haven’t checked all the images are present and correct.

But what I have done is find a bunch of bugs and shortcomings to fix in flourish, and made notes on what I found confusing starting a new website with it (and it’s my own damn software, so Bog knows how anyone else would make sense of it).

And had a little cry to myself at finding this gem again. The last headboops in my study from Thomas before he died.

Still don’t have a job though, so you know … sucks.