Please hold… rebuild in progress (find out more)

About the rebuild

Sketches of how to do CSS on a whiteboard Hello world.


I'm rebuilding my site.

Take a moment to look at the previous version of it in the wayback machine. Note two things:

  1. I hadn't posted anything since August 2015. And I'm writing this in June 2020, almost five years later.

  2. I had had this idea to collect things such as tweets, Foursquare checkins, instagram posts, etc that otherwise end up invisible and unfindable on the web. That part I hadn't continued with since 2011.

Also, the site has been offline most of this year after I shut down the host that was serving it.

Now, with time on my hands and more importantly some degree of motivation (completely missing for most of the Covid-19 lockdown) I'm going to reimplement my site.

I still like the idea of collecting some of those things, but definitely not all.

And I have more words to write.

public todo list for shaming me later