Nokia N80 review

Tuesday 04 July, 2006 at 11.20am

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Many moons ago, I had a wonderful mobile phone, the Nokia 7650. I loved that phone. But one day I stepped on it. I’ve been through two other phones since then, but I’ve always had fond memories of my 7650. Then, late last year, I read details of a new phone from Nokia which was highly reminiscent of my beloved 7650.

Nokia N80

The Nokia N80 is a third generation Series 60 product, with all of the common mobile phone extras, plus a thre megapixel camera and wi-fi.

The positives

The negatives


Despite the number of negatives points there are about this phone, on the whole I love it. Most negatives are niggles to me rather than a cause to smash the phone into tiny pieces from frustration. Thoroughly recommended.

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