Weeknotes: 2015 Week 11

Monday 27 April, 2015 at 6.15pm

In this past week, I've been feeling very sorry for myself as physiotherapy has been making definite inroads on my physical problems at the same time as also causing more pain. So yay but boo. Typing is much less painful now, and I can do it for a lot of the day before I'm done, rather than about an hour total across the entire day.

Also it was my last week at my previous job, so I spent a fair amount of the week writing things down and drawing diagrams on whiteboards as I handed over what I could to the new member of the team. And then leaving drinks, which left me uselessly hungover for most of Saturday, which is often my best "get personal stuff done" day.

So hopefully this is my last week of "no progress to report" reports.