Weeknotes: 2015 Week 26

Monday 10 August, 2015 at 10.29am

Another week of working on "fun" projects.


I changed my mind about using battleschool to set things up on my laptop, so I spent some of the week configuring that for myself. The change of heart came around because it has built-in support for installing software to /Applications. I was originally thinking of using homebrew-cask to install things, but I hadn't used it before. I found it installs apps somewhere else, then symlinks them to /Applications (well, actually it first symlinks to ~/Applications but you can override that). Unfortunately for me, I am hard-wired now to switch apps with the keyboard (I use LaunchBar) and it didn't see the symlinks as apps. There's probably something I could've done to make it work, but I tried battleschool again and had my first app installed in a couple of minutes. Sold.

I've got a good start now on ansible playbooks that set up my laptop the way I like, which I'll be tidying up and publishing to GitHub once I work out how to properly arrange them.

More evocation work

I added some more niceties to evocation, including:

and fixed a few more bugs and niggles.


I also spent a couple of days not doing much because I had a bad gout attack and felt very sorry for myself (even though it was entirely my own fault for drinking more soda than I normally do to see if it would bring on an attack… which it did).