Chips for week 17, 2021

Tuesday 04 May, 2021 at 5.16am

Week 17, 2021 ran from Monday 26 April, 2021 to Sunday 02 May, 2021.

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  • Another week, and I’m still stacking chips. Last week’s chips looked like this:


    At the start of the week, I wrote down these high level goals:

    1. Fix partial generation in Flourish — ✅
    2. Another Ezio chapter — ❌
    3. Finish restoring old content into site — ❌
    4. Improve site navigation — ❌
    5. More Eurovision data — ❌

    I only did one of those.


    Recently I discovered a bug in Flourish. It should be possible to generate a subset of a site with a command like flourish generate /2021/?, with the question mark being a wildcard. On this site as it stands today, that should generate 277 pages, but it was generating less than 10. I budgeted most of Monday to fix this, figuring it might be hard to track down what was wrong. I had it wrapped up and committed before lunch. I spent the rest of Monday recording many hours of game footage to assemble into the next two Ezio chapters.

    Unfortunately, when I loaded it up into Davinci Resolve Tuesday, it was all unusable.

    Until now, I've been recording this footage on an old (circa 2012) laptop, using a cheap (£15) USB capture device. It has occasionally caused problems, most commonly being a strange audio echo. A quick reboot fixes this, and I got into the habit of recording a few seconds and playing it back before a recording session to ensure that wasn't happening.

    But towards the end of recording Horizon Zero Dawn I had a couple of times where the audio and video would just slide in and out of sync. It was on some extra footage outside of the main storyline and only happened briefly so I didn't bother rerecording it. As usual I turned the laptop off and on again, and it didn't reoccur. Until now. Except now, even if I restart the laptop, the problem comes back almost instantly. So now my PS4 is up in my study, and hooked up to my newer, much more powerful iMac with a new (although still cheap) video capture device.

    As the chips illustrate, I spent most of the rest of the week not doing anything in my study. Our smol cat Itsy stopped eating anything, including treats, wasn't drinking, and was listless and acting uncomfortable. So she went off to the vet where she stayed overnight to get fluids and for them to monitor her temperature. She's back home now with a course of antibiotics and an appetite stimulant, and seems mostly okay. But that extra worry made it hard to concentrate or motivate myself.

    I spent the rest of the week achieving nothing, occasionally doing something with recovered old site content, occasionally just staring at the computer, occasionally playing Factorio.