Chips for week 19, 2021

Tuesday 18 May, 2021 at 7.53am

Week 19, 2021 ran from Monday 10 May, 2021 to Sunday 16 May, 2021.

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  • Another week, and I’m still stacking chips. Last week’s chips looked like this:


    At the start of the week, I wrote down these high level goals:

    1. Get ready for Eurovision — ❌
    2. Increase Ezio content buffer — ✅


    Despite this year's Eurovision being only two weeks away, I found I just could not concentrate on any of the things I wanted to do for it, barely even get started.

    But I could deal with video editing. Even while it can be quite frustrating at times, it still seems a little meditative to me. So I recorded, put together, and finished two more Ezio videos. My buffer now runs into mid-June, so that is truly ticked off.

    I then spent several days quite ill, which is why this is a day later than usual. My Covid-19 test came back negative, so it's probably not that, but I don't know what it is. Regardless, I am still not exactly 100% and don't feel like writing more.