Chips for Week 27, 2020

Friday 03 July, 2020 at 3.52pm

Week 27, 2020 ran from Monday 29 June, 2020 to Sunday 05 July, 2020.

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  • Another week, another stack of chips. This week looks like this:

    Strangely thematic and stratified. A couple of hours at the weekend coding meant a couple extra chips at the bottom. Monday all coding. Tuesday was a write-off of nervous energy building to a phone interview that went nowhere (“making an offer to someone else already”).

    Then Wednesday through Friday was coding with one break to sleep in on Thursday, and Friday afternoon off to play socially distanced board games with Ryan. And I’ll wrap it up with a fry-up and Hamilton on Disney+. 4/5ths of a good week.

    … hashtag weekchips #weekchips