Chips for Week 29, 2020

Friday 17 July, 2020 at 5.17pm

Week 29, 2020 ran from Monday 13 July, 2020 to Sunday 19 July, 2020.

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  • Another week, another stack of chips. This week’s chips look like this:

    I spent Sunday morning going through all of my random todo lists, FIXMEs, entries in Things, and so on, to make a more definitive list of the things I might want to work on, rather than doing just what occurs to me on a given day.

    Monday, after a lie-in, I started work on importing my Foursquare checkins to my website. The code to fetch them was quick to write; the code to filter out what I didn’t want to import took a while longer. Because it involved looking at almost every checkin.

    Tuesday was another lie-in and more figuring out what checkins to keep. Finished that by the end of the day, but having a few thousand more entries did show that flourish would slow down a lot for generating pages on the fly.

    Wednesday, another lie-in and a morning of pottering about to clear my head. I think best at a whiteboard, not sitting in front of a keyboard, so I did some standing around. Then cracked on trying to speed flourish up.

    Thursday I took the morning off to do some reading, and cook soup. Finished the speed up work and went back to 4sq, importing images I’d added to a handful of checkins.

    And today I polished that all off and got it committed, updated flourish with the speed up and a couple of other bug fixes, then spent the afternoon tracking down why the Atom generator would explode.