Chips for Week 31, 2020

Friday 31 July, 2020 at 4.34pm

Week 31, 2020 ran from Monday 27 July, 2020 to Sunday 02 August, 2020.

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  • Another week, another stack of chips. This week’s chips look like this:

    As you can see, some solid coding at the start of the week. As I said last week, I made a script to create GIFs from a config file on the command line. I improved it, and wrapped it into the source for my GIFs site which I redid this week.

    Particular highlights for me (beyond now being able to make a gif in a couple of minutes) are being able to change or add something and just type make to get the gif.

    I run make in a loop when I’m tweaking the sub-second timing of captions and so can just save the file, wait a second and hit refresh in Safari. Honestly, half the time I spent on a gif now is writing and rewriting the description that goes on the page.

    And since I already have make in the loop, I can use it to sync the gifs I make to the frankly superb GIFwrapped so they’re also on my phone.

    So, after remaking the site I then spent the last two days of the week playing some board games with Ryan, avoiding my study once the sun hits the west, and just adding more gifs. There’s a lot of Lilo & Stitch there now. Next up, the weekend!

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