Chips for Week 26, 2020

Friday 26 June, 2020 at 1.48pm

Week 26, 2020 ran from Monday 22 June, 2020 to Sunday 28 June, 2020.

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  • Continuing the theme of measuring my week in poker chips, how did this week go?

    Here’s my chips. The week started with a couple of days doing some coding scraping and rescraping my data data, and trying to clean some of it up. Then the heat rolled in and I couldn’t stand to sit in my study much so I just did other things.

    Then today it has cooled just enough that with a fan going I could take the heat and actually think, so I’ve been playing with recipe publishing on my site. Ever wanted to make the gumbo I bang on about so much? Today’s your lucky day!

    But eventually the heat got to me so the last chip represents what I’m doing right now: sitting on the sofa, cold drink, no computer beyond this phone, and about to play on my PlayStation. An OK week considering.