Chips for week 35, 2021

Monday 06 September, 2021 at 7.16am

Week 35, 2021 ran from Monday 30 August, 2021 to Sunday 05 September, 2021.

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  • Another week, and I’m still stacking chips. Last week’s chips looked like this:


    At the start of the week, I wrote down three goals:

    1. Practice using overhead camera to get clear whiteboard photos — ✅
    2. Write up hasworn — ⏩
    3. Make GIFs — ❌


    Perhaps a little overambitious when I only have one day and some odd hours here and there to set myself three goals. But they're not concrete goals, just things that at the start of the week I felt I should make some progress on.

    Monday mornings are for writing the weeknote, and getting my brain back in "work" mode. Tuesday and Thursday mornings I spent a tiny amount of time implementing two Atom feeds. I haven't yet linked to them in any way other than the autodiscovery links, but they are at /index.atom for just the new articles, and /firehose.atom. Not much work, but then I've still feeling the pain of gout.

    Friday morning I spent working on taking and refining photos of a whiteboard, for a post was writing explaining how I mostly use static pages on hasworn. A little Twitter thread introduces my whiteboard diagrams, and I'll be writing more about that and committing the code soon. Along with a couple more articles about hasworn.

    As part of the article, I tidied up some of the images presentation and added some basic support for marking posts as being in a "thread".

    Alas, I made zero GIFs, because over the weekend I went off book and did some more work on hasworn. Saturday I added a couple of redirects, highlighting when a tshirt is first/last worn on the year pages, and included the images in the CSV export (mostly so I can more easily reuse them in development). Sunday I did most of the work to add celery, so I can rebuild the static pages asynchronously when using the django interface, and overnight so the "last worn yesterday"s update.